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what is the best way to search for jpg image?
I have a folder with thousands of .jpg images, I want to search for one image that I downloaded from internet, it there already a copy of that one .jpg image in my folder.
Searching by filename is not an option since it could be the same image with different file name.
Can I search for some unique string in image?

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1 Answer

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If you're trying to find an identical image or file then you can use FileLocator Pro's hash searching feature. A file's hash is like a unique fingerprint of the file.

To calculate the hash of the original file:

  1. Enter 'SHA' in the Containing Text field
  2. Switch the expression type to 'File Hash'
  3. Drag the file into the Look In field

then hit search. You should see something like this:

Original hash

The hash you need to search for will be shown in the Hits tab (to copy the value right-click on the line and pick 'Copy').

You can now search for a copy of the image.

Copy of image

Note: FileLocator Pro defaults to searching by SHA-1 hashes but you can select different hashing functions (including SHA-256, SHA-512, and MD5) in the Configuration settings:


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Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for.