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I'm currently in the process of writing a python wrapper class for the CLI of Agent Ransack (great tool btw, have indoctrinated many colleagues into it's use ;)).

One problem I'm finding is when I parse the output file, different versions of Agent Ransack produce different formatting for the file information line.


E:\Dropbox\9 xxx xxx\xxx - Building Survey.pdf 1,914.00 KB 30/03/2015 19:39:33

What would be great is a sample of the file information line from the last few versions of AR, I could then read the version of the executable and map it to a regex.



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Which versions are you looking at. The two big recent releases are 2010 and 2014, are you interested in prior to that?

1 Answer

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The columns used for the CSV format.

Agent Ransack 2014

Path | FileName | Size | Type | ModDate | CreateDate | LastAccDate | Hits

Agent Ransack 2010 and Earlier

Path | FileName | Size | ModDate
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Actually after looking again, the version I have at home ( has a doesn't have the 'hits' column that my version at work does (not sure of the version, but it's definitely newer).
Ah, yes how did I miss that. Hits has been added. is AR 2010.