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A search for e.g. "but" (no quotes) in *.pdf in multiple directories returns
Found: 1,016 items (1.10 GB)
Text: 23,481 hits
Searched: 1,036 items (1.11 GB)
Checked: 1,093 items (1.11 GB)

A search for "notwithstanding" in same folders returns
Found: 16 items (10.37 MB)
Text: 19 hits
Searched: 982 items (1.04 GB)
Checked: 1,093 items (1.11 GB)

Why does number searched differ?

No change in file name criteria (both *.pdf) and no explicit change in files searched. Results partly reproducible on consecutive searches, as shown in images below. Local drives only are being searched.

Seach for "but"

Search for "notwithstanding"

Repeated searches for "notwithstanding" delivered:

19   hits    19   hits     19   hits     19   hits
993  items   979  items    986  items    982  items
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1 Answer

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The status is showing as 'Running' which implies that the statistics aren't complete, you can check this by looking at the Summary tab. What is happening is simply that the Report failed to update when the search finished.

You can correct this by manually pressing the 'Refresh' button on the Report.

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You're right, the Summary Tab and Report Tab differ. Refresh updates the report, which then coincides with the Summary. Many thanks for your efforts. A great product.