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McAfee is deleting files with names that begin with Flt_ in:
How will this affect my scan results?

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The FLFxxxx.tmp.dir folder is where FileLocator Pro will keep its temporary files used during searches and result browsing. Every new instance will create its own temp folder and should delete it when the application closes.

When the program needs to grab the text for files located within composite files, e.g. ZIP/RAR/7Z etc., or Outlook PST email attachments, the program will temporarily extract the files to the temporary folder. The files are deleted once the text conversion has finished.

Since anti-virus programs scan all files written to disk, if one of those composite files (or email attachments) contains malicious content, the A/V program will flag an issue and likely delete the temporary file. If the issue is occurring for every composite file then it's possible that the A/V program is not even checking the file's content and simply objecting to FileLocator Pro writing so many files to disk. This shouldn't be an issue for FileLocator Pro, it will just flag the file as an error and unsearchable.

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