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I have a large number of e-mails. I have an equally large list of e-mail addresses in a text file which I am pointing to in Containing text.

I want to search the following fields in the .msg files: To, From, CC. The e-mails show the contact names in those sections of the e-mail, not the address. Is there a way to search the metadata so that it finds the full e-mail address and doesn't just look at the display name (i.e. find bob.todd@gmail.com not Todd, Bob BOB:EX).


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When searching through OST/PST files the email address is included if it's there. Here's an example of an email extracted with FileLocator Pro (email addresses altered):

From: John Brown <john.brown@email.fake>
To: Sarah Smith <sarah.smith@email.fake>
Received by: john.brown@email.fake
Sent: 31/12/2012 15:34:56
Subject: RE: Your recent proposal

Thanks for the email. etc.

As you can see if there is both a Display Name and Email the email is displayed in angled brackets.

If you're experiencing something different could you please add a screenshot to your question?

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