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When I try to save any setting changes I get the following error:

An error has occurred. If the problem persists please contact
technical support.

Additional information:
Problem running task: Changing configuration settings
Saving master data failed.
0x80040618     (0x0) - :1188 - FileLocator.cpp

The only recent change I can think of is that I updated a syntax highlighter in flp_style.xml inside the config folder but the highlighter change has been happily working for the few days since the change.

I thought maybe I have a read-only file or something, but I'm not sure which file Filelocator is trying to update. Do you have a suggestion? I could always try a reinstall.

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Sorted, mus have been a permissions issue. Opening FLP as an administrator didn't give the issue so presumably there was no problem saving the updated setting.

This is a work PC so maybe a group policy or security settings of some sort has changed since I last changed my settings. I believe my company started doing this since the cryptolocker virus became widespread.

I know that I often have to manually copy files into the directories within the Program Files directory and can't just save from within a program not running as administrator.

However, perhaps FLP should be able to handle it a little better? Is it worth testing (if possible) to see if it's running as an administrator and suggesting it is run as administrator if not?

Is it worth me submitting a bug report in case there's any data in there worthwhile? If so, would it be from a non-admin instance?

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