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When searching Excel 2010 spreadsheets using a single word as the content criteria, the Hits result tab displays the matches as text with associated line numbers, regardless of whether the search type is boolean or regular expression.

The same occurs for boolean content searches where more than one word is used, eg word1 AND word2, or word1 NEAR word2.

However, if the search type is changed to regular expression and a more complex criteria used, eg word1.*word2, the hits result tab displays the match in xml format if the words are on different lines (in the spreadsheet) or text format if they are on the same line. This is what I get:

enter image description here

If it's relevant, I'm using Release Build 2077 rather than the very latest.

Is this just another symptom of the issue discussed at //qa.mythicsoft.com/10803/unable-match-strings-separated-defined-number-characters and if so, what is the status of the fix?

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1 Answer

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If you have Deep Search specified then if the expression does not match the original text it will try and match the underlying raw data, in the case of XLSX files the XML. I assume this is what is happening in your situation. If you don't want the XML searched switch to Text Search:

enter image description here

With regard to multi-line regex searching, which I don't think is the issue here, it will be available in FileLocator Pro v8.

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The xml is displayed for the regex search regardless of whether Text Search or Deep Search is selected. And regardless of whether Line by Line or Across Whole file is selected (under the Options tab).
FWIW the Options tab cache flag is unchecked, the cache has been cleared and the Ifilter Search priority (under Tools > Configuration > Ifilters) has been set to secondary.
Can you post a screenshot please.