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What do the numbers in the left hand column of the hits tab indicate?

It's tempting to believe they're something like line numbers, but hard to prove when the file text contains no line feeds and could be flowed to any width.

They're not occurrence index numbers - often they start at a large value and get larger in jumps.

They're not character positions either, since sometimes they start at very small values and increment in ones.

The help file offers no assistance.


The results window behaves intuitively in some respects, less so in others. The left pane intuitively responds to a double-click on a file name by opening that file. However the right pane (hits tab) does not. It contains highlights for all the matches, but no click actions are implemented. The highlights entice the user to click them as if they were hyperlinks, but they are not. Double clicking a line does nothing either. One might hope that it would open the file and scroll to that occurrence of the search term. It doesn't.

Are these deliberate omissions from the free version, or just ideas that haven't been implemented (yet) ?

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The numbers in the Hits tab refers to the line number. For text files they accurately refer to the line number in the file but for interpreted documents they don't mean that much since they refer to the line number in the converted text, not in the original document.

The Hits tab has no double-click action for the 'Lite' version but for the Pro version it will either open the text in a full window or open the file in the default editor.

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Thanks Dave!