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Can FileLocator Pro search in Mozilla Thunderbird files:

  1. Text in the body of the e-mail

2:Text in the file name of an attachment

3: text in the body of an attachment

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1 Answer

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FileLocator Pro does not have specific Thunderbird reading code but if email is stored in the the default format (ie mbox) FileLocator Pro can search the file for text, which will find text in the body of and email and text in the file name of an attachment. However, due to the way attachments are encoded it's unlikely that text will be found in the body of an attachment.

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I don't seem to have a file or folder named "mbox" in my Thunderbird profile.  Can you overview the steps needed to make this happen?
I don't think the mbox file has any extension, try a simple content search in your Profile folder, e.g.
Has there been any progress on Thunderbird support?  I am still unable to use FLP to search Thunderbird messages.

Also, my Thunderbird 45 installation doesn't include a file called  mbox (with or without any extension).