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I'm performing a search in a folder but I'd like to tell Agent Ransack to ignore a specific sub-folder. Can I do that?

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1 Answer

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That feature is only available with FileLocator Pro but you might be able to achieve what you want by either specifying the specific folders, e.g.


Or by specifying a file name criteria, e.g.


More info: How does FileLocator Pro exclusions work?

With FileLocator Pro you can exclude a specific folder by prefixing the name with an exclamation mark, e.g.


Or you can exclude a group of subfolders based on a term by prefixing the term with a minus sign, e.g. to exclude any sub folder with the word Archive:


Or conversely to ONLY search subfolders which contain a specific term in the name prefix the term with a plus sign, e.g. to only search subfolders with the word Work in the path:

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