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I guess i don't understand this spec: it results in 0 documents

I tried many combinations of LINES:0-20 * e.g., >> LINES:0-20 the

I am just testing FileLocator lite to see if it will work in my application - is that the reason it doesn't work?

  • the default (no Options set) Boolean is in place

i'm afraid i don't understand how your engine processes the syntax "LINES: 0-20"
what other strings can it look for? is the colon ":" a special delimiter?

tia (btw - can't get image notes to work, so top screen shot with " to ". second searching for " * ")

![searching for to][1]

[1]: //qa.mythicsoft.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=12204241346575336815

searching for *

related to an answer for: How do I find PDF files WITHOUT any text
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1 Answer

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The LINES operator is only valid with FileLocator Pro.

When used with FileLocator Pro your expression would find hits for every space separated word on the first 20 lines.

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