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I have large number of archives, some of then contain pdf files, I'd like to search for the archives the have pdf files inside and get the parent archive names instead of archived pdf file.

This helps me to cut the actual parent archive and paste it in other folder.

Right now it lists the pdf files instead of parent archive files.

I already read the manual and most of related questions here but could not find anything related.

Is it possible at all?

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1 Answer

0 votes

There's no way to get the parent archive in the result list. You could probably produce a list of the unique parent archives using a custom export format but that doesn't look like what you're after.

The custom transform listed in this answer might help:
List just the parent compressed files instead of individual files containing search terms

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Is there a way to do multiple searches at once.  Let' say rar and zip at the same time?  I can't figure out how to use or  in XSL
Yes, if you just want to search RAR and ZIP, then specify it the Look In field, e.g. Look In: C:\Search;+.rar;+.zip