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Here is an example of the issue:

An e-mail with 20 attachments is discovered to have a hit in each of its attachments. When we export parent messages using "Append number" when it comes across existing documents, we will get 20 of these e-mails, each containing the 20 attachments. This is expected, but not exactly ideal.

We figure we cannot select the "Don't copy" option because there may be an instance where two .MSG files have vastly different attachments, but the exact same subject line. It will only export one of these because we are "not copying" existing files (same file name).

Is there any way around this? Is there some combination of options that will lead to only exporting 1 copy of a parent level e-mail with the attachment "hits", while being safe and not getting rid of an e-mail with different attachments because it has the same file name?

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1 Answer

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If you export the parent message (ie you choose the option Copy parent MSG file) then even if there are 20 attachments found for that message you should only get one file copied if they all share the same parent msg.

Are you not getting this behaviour?

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Sorry dave, my mistake. It seems like the issue was duplication in the source material. I ran some tests and we are indeed getting the correct behaviour. Apologies... the source materials are a mess.

Have a great day!