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FLP 2067 Win8.1
Copy/pasting Filename (part before extension only) in SearchResultsPane

Sometimes I use FLP to rename files that are related to each other, but that don't have necessarily the same extension.

When I copy/paste the name from one file to another (in the Search Results Pane) FLP also copy/pastes the extension, while Windows Explorer just copy/pastes the filename without the extension. I prefer that way, that is easier/faster 'to grab'.

If it cannot be done yet, then please this is a request.

-I prefer to be notified by email, but I don't want my email to appear publicly,
can I still check that box at the bottom?
-Those points next to my name is that good or bad or neutral?

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1 Answer

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Your request has been added to the Issue Tracker.

Email notification is private, your email is only available to QA admins and will only be used for QA related emails. Points are good, more points means higher trust and less restrictions.

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Thank you for this too!