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FLP 2067 Win8.1 - How to find 1) files with no extension in general 2) internet shortcuts (url link)


Please help me search for:

1) files with no extension
like text files without .txt at the end

2) internet shortcuts
that I have dragged from the browser's address bar to Windows Explorer
They have no extension

Please take into account in your answer that I'm bit slow/simple/lost.
Your program is a real lifesaver for me.

Thank you so much in advance

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1. Assuming you're using DOS Expressions you can search for files without any extension using the expression *., e.g. :

File name: *.

2. However, you won't have much luck searching for internet short-cuts with that because they do actually have an extension of .url so you can search for them using the DOS Expression:

File name: *.url

FYI, if you wanted to search for a specific short-cut, for example with the word 'Win8' in it, you could do that with the expression:

File name: *.url:Win8
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Thank you so much for the examples! That's exactly what I wanted Simple once you know it :) In fact I forgot about the possibility to search on DOS expression. It's good it's there.

I didn't know about the url extension. Windows Explorer shows all the extensions except the .url ones. These I discover now in FLP. I have done a test to find the urls from the 3 browsers I use:
-Google Chrome: all found by FLP
-Mozilla Firefox: all found by FLP

-Internet Explorer: it finds some it finds the ones "internet shortcut" but there is another type "pinned site shortcut" so since you told me they had an extension, I googled it and found ".website"

And thank you also for the useful tip *.url:Win8.