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Don't know if this is a problem of Agent Ransack or Windows 7 Explorer but I only get this error under the following conditions: I have several Agent Ransack windows running and at least two Explorer windows. Not always, but most of the time, when I cut a file in one of the Agent Ransack windows and paste it to one of the Explorer windows, as soon as I then double-click a file in any other Explorer window (to start playing a music file), I get the error "Windows Explorer has stopped working and needs to be restarted ...". This happens whether or not I close the Explorer window I pasted to before double-clicking a file in another Explorer window. When Explorer is restarted (the only option after the error notice), the remaining Explorer windows no longer function properly and the tasks on the task bar are shuffled out of the sequence I need them in so I have to close and reopen all the tasks I had running and it's really starting to wear on me a bit. I am using the free version 2014 (Release Build 828 - 2014.11.21.59552 (x64)) but had the same problem with a much older version I was using before I updated to this one hoping to fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated. And, btw, I really appreciate this program - I use it constantly.

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1 Answer

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This is not a problem we've heard of before so unfortunately it looks like it's a local problem to you. Microsoft has a specific page for this issue which I recommend you look at:

Error: Windows Explorer has stopped working

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