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I love this product. Currently struggling with a particular filter, however. I will ask this question in example format.

I have 3 e-mails:

1 Has the term "wait list" in the body of the e-mail.
2 Has the term "wait list" in the body AND "Wait List Management" as a portion of the author's signature block.
3 Has "Wait List Management" as a portion of the author's signature block, and no "wait list" mentioned anywhere else.

I need to do a search that only returns results where "wait list" is mentioned as more than just a portion of a signature block. I'm trying to cut down a massive tranch of e-mails. My initial search was just for the term "wait list", but it returned a large number of e-mails where it was just picking up a person's signature block and nothing else.

Thanks for any help on this!

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1 Answer

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If the terms "Wait List" and "Wait List Management" appear on the same line you can switch to Line-By-Line searching via the Options tab and search for

"Wait List" NOT "Wait List Management"

Line by Line searching

When searching Line By Line FileLocator Pro matches each line independently of any other line so a NOT term only excludes a single line instead of the whole file.

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