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AgentRansack -d "D:\sites"

In order to run the above command I have to first navigate to C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack. How do I make the AgentRansack.exe command run anywhere? I need to do this if I am to reference this command from my Windows task schedular.

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You can either run the command using the full path, e.g.

"C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack\AgentRansack.exe" -d "D:\sites"

or you'll need to add C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack to your path (or to the path of the user that the scheduler will launch the command in).

How to: Add Tool Locations to the PATH Environment Variable

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I tried running using the full path using the following command line:

"C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack\AgentRansack.exe" -d "D:\sites\" -f "*.cer;*.aspx;*.exe;*.php" -s -o "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\temp\results.txt"

but it doesn't work. What do I do?
That's because your -d must NOT end in \", so -d "C:\sites" is fine but -d "C:\sites\" is not.
Thank you very much. That did the trick and Agent Ransack executed and the results were copied to the file. However what I would really like to do is make it open the application and show the results listed as if I had run it manually. I changed the parameters to the following:
-d "D:\sites" -f "*.cer;*.aspx;*.exe;*.php" -s

Unfortunately nothing happens apart from Agent Ransack running in the windows task manager.
Agent Ransack is just a regular Win32 application, so the issue is with Task Manager. There is probably a Task Manager setting you change to make this happen