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I would like to schedule a task on my Windows 2008 server to call Agent Ransack with a saved search criteria. I have already saved the .srf file.

When I set up the task I edit the Action tab to call the Agent Ransack executable. In the "Add arguments" field I also add the full path to the .srf file. However although the task does get scheduled when run, looking at the "Windows Task Manager" Processes tab, I can see AgentRansack.exe running but the application is not open within the server.

The scheduling of the task is not actually the issue as the task does get called. I can even test it by running it manually on demand and the Agent Ransack executable does run but nothing happens.

I have set it up as follows:


"C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack\AgentRansack.exe"

Add arguments:

-d "D:\sites\" -f "*.cer;*.aspx;*.exe;*.php" -s -o "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\temp\results.txt"

The results.txt file is set up but nothing is written to it.

I also tried changing the argument by adding the full path to the saved .srf file but I still cannot get the results to be written to the file.

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Do you want the application to actually be visible or are you just trying to run a search and quit?
I would like it to be visible as I would like to see the results of the search.
Can you post a screenshot of your task settings so I can see your settings for 'Run only when user is logged on' etc.
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If you run your command at the command line you should be able to see your problem. The -d argument is escaping a quote, so try this instead:

AgentRansack -d "D:\sites" -f "*.cer;*.aspx;*.exe;*.php" -s -o "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\temp\results.txt"

It's how the Window's command processor works.

With regard to making it visible when run from Task Manager, Agent Ransack is just a regular Win32 application. There is probably a Task Manager setting you change to make this happen but you'd need to ask someone familiar with how Task Manager launches Windows apps.

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