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When I try and install Agent Ransack the installer appears to work but I just get one file installed named InstallIssue.txt, which says:

Installation does not appear to be valid. Please contact Mythicsoft
support: support@mythicsoft.com

MSI Installs

If you wish to use an MSI file for unattended FileLocator Pro installs
you need to purchase a Business/Enterprise Supporter's license. Please
contact Mythicsoft for more information.

What's going wrong?

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On some Windows installations it appears that you need to specifically run the installer as Administrator. This should be unnecessary but it does solve the issue for many users.

To run as Administrator simply right-click the installer, e.g. AgentRansack_828.exe, and select "Run as administrator" from the context menu.

If that fails you can generate an installation log file by running:

agentransack_828.exe /logfile "C:\Users\Me\Desktop\ar_install.txt"

Please send it to Mythicsoft support for additional assistance: support [at] mythicsoft.com

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