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My need would be to search for files first according to the month then list them according to the day then the year. I teach, so for example around October 7, I may want to all files dated from say October 5 to October 9 irrespective of the year. Handouts that I have produced are always needed approximately the same month and day from year to year. The result would look like:

doc1.doc dated OCT 5 2007
doc2.doc dated OCT 5 2009
doc3.doc dated OCT 6 2001
doc4.doc dated OCT 6 2013
doc5.doc dated OCT 7 2003
doc6.doc dated OCT 8 1999
doc7.doc dated OCT 9 2005
doc8.doc dated OCT 9 2010


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1 Answer

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You can achieve what you want using column filters:

Column filters are applied AFTER a search to restrict the list of files to those that match the text of the filter. If you don't prefix the value with < > = then it's a straight forward text match, e.g. just entering


would restrict the list to files with a date with the text '05/10' in it. Since the expression can be any valid Boolean expression you can do things like:

(Note: examples using UK date format dd/mm/yyyy)

20/*/2014       - All files modified on the 20th of the month in 2014
20/09 OR 21/09  - All files modified 20th Sep or 21 Sep in any year

This example shows all files modified on '04/08' or '24/11' in any year:

Column Filters

Be aware that since the time value is included in the match just entering a single number, e.g. 4, would match both the value from the year, e.g. 2014, or the time, e.g. 13:04:31.

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