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for FileName I use 2003 OR rob and FLP finds the emails
if I put anything in the ContainingText...FLP never finds the email

I have under options the Outlook PST.MSG box checked. I'm using boolean under the search type and have MatchCase off. I also have the Look in set to the directoy;+.pst

Any help is appreciated


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Before putting anything in the Containing Text field if you click on the Text tab does it show the contents of the email?
I've been able to discover something else... I was hoping to search pst files where the subject contained these words OR the content contains these words. Since posting my original question, I've found that it seems to work if you specify the individual pst file instead of using the folder;+.pst

Using folder +pst allows you to search subjects, but I haven't been able to successfully search content with the +.pst

1 Answer

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If you want to search Content and Subject together (ie it can be in either) just use the Containing Text field, e.g.

File name:
Containing Text: search words
Look In:         C:\Folder;+.pst

The '+.pst' simply restricts the found items to have '.pst' in their path, which all items within a PST file will have.

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