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Ever since discovering Favorites, my list of Favorites has grown and continues to grow. While I have gone through and pruned away some that I don't use, or that it made sense to combine with others, I now have 58 Favorites that scroll off the page.

Some are used infrequently, but I still need them from time to time. While in the Favorites folder, I tried adding subfolders and moving Favorites into those subfolders. It did not have the desired effect of showing collapsible/expandable subfolders in the Favorites Pane.

Please add the ability to create subfolders within the Favorites Pane into which Favorite files (.srf) could be moved. Display the subfolders as collapsible/expandable subfolders of Favorites within the Favorites Pane.

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1 Answer

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It's in the Issue Tracker, hopefully it'll be in for v8.

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