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I'm trying to use an RE pattern in the Look In field, but I'm getting the error message:
Errors occurred during search. If the problem persists please contact technical support

I'm using an RE pattern in File Name:

Containing Text is blank

I'm trying this RE pattern in Look In, but it fails:

If I switch Look In to DOS Expression, and search here, it works:

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I thought I figured it out, but no dice.

Two of the folders don't actually exist, so I updated the RE pattern to this:

Same error
OK, I think I partially figured it out.

I copy and pasted the locations into the Multiple Folders dialog.

The error occurs if I use a folder location that does not exist.

However, the folders in the RE pattern all exist, and I get the error.

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The expression handling for Look In fields is different than for the other fields. Each path segment is matched individually against the expression which means that the value in the Look In field is not handled as One Big Expression. The backslash '\' is the segment marker and shouldn't be escaped. Try this instead:


You don't mention which version you're using?

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OK, that works. I have both FLL and FLP, but for this I'm using FLP 7.5, Build 2070.