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Would it be possible for you to add an option in settings to treat the dot ('.') like any other character, and not as special character like you explained in the above thread?

What I mean is, that currently if I type say... "test" then it becomes (in regular expresion as) "test". But when I type test., then it means "test.", the wildcards are gone.

I would imagine the "test." is more desired than "test." and more natural.

Would it be possible for you to add a setting like that for guys like me?


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You might want to switch to using Boolean expression instead of DOS Expression, where '.' is treated literally (ie it's not a special character). Many people find Boolean more natural for search terms.

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I don't think I understand. My above example has nothing to do with combining expression (AND, OR etc). What I mean is that the dot entered inside a content phrase automaticaly removes the asterix markers that are by default added to the searched expression. If I understood you wrongly, please rephrase.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding you but as I understand it you want the '.' to be treated as a literal. Boolean expressions will do that.
Ok, lets take it through an example. Lets say I have 3 files: atest.txt, btest.txt, ctest.doc. Now if I do a search with
"test" I'll get all 3 files, since the test is automatically opaqued with asterix's, so the search will be done by "*test*". But if I only add a dot at the end, so "test.", then there will be no results, because then the asterix's will not be added. What I'm asking is to treat the dot as any other character, so that the search in above example will be made through "*test.*" I hope it's clear now.
Which is exactly what will happen by switching to Boolean, give it a go and see if it works for you.
Oh I see, sorry for that. Could you point me out to the place where I can change that setting? I can't seem to find it in the Tools->Configuration... or I'm blind.
I've been assuming you're using FileLocator Pro, which has the Expression Type drop down by the File name field. If you're using Agent Ransack then you could try switching to Regular expression in the Options tab. It's not quite the same.
That should work, thanks. Can you add another answer, so that I can mark that one as correct?