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Agent ransack was working beautifully, replacing Windows explorer. All I had to do was type my search in the normal search bar and it worked every time, Now,however,it has stopped doing this. How do I redo this function?

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Which version of Windows are you using? Did you recently upgrade IE?
I'm using Windows 7 pro 64bit. I don't use IE at all. I have now installed a program called "Everything" and the function has been restored. Windows Explorer search function is next to useless as a stand alone feature.

2 Answers

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Please check out this question:

CTRL+F is not working in Agent Ransack

It's normally that a component has been disabled.

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Did you recently upgrade Agent Ransack to the latest Build? I have FileLocator Lite (FLL) installed, but I mostly use the Pro version (FLP). I know that when I upgrade FLP, it sometimes is necessary for me to update the Shell Integration Settings and reset Windows Search to FLP.

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