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I'm running FileLocator Pro 7.5 on a Windows 8.1 computer. How do I search my Outlook 2013 for messages containing a desired word?

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1 Answer

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It seems a little tricky at first but basically it's fairly simple. Just one quick tip before you start...

Do NOT set the File name field to *.pst

Instead follow these simple steps:

  • Switch ON PST Searching:

Switch PST Option ON

  • Specify the location of the PST files using the Look In field.
    The File name field searches the Subject of the message and the Containing Text field searches the body of the email, so to display all messages leave both fields empty:

PST File Location

Note: To search just a specific PST file enter the full path in the Look In field, e.g.

Look In: T:\data\file Formats\Composite\pst\Sample.pst
  • Hit Search. You should see all the emails in your PST files showing up.

  • You can then start using the File name field and the Containing text field to narrow down exactly which emails you're looking for.

To ONLY search PST files in a group of folders use a Location filter, e.g.

Look In: T:\data\file Formats;+.pst

More information on PST Searching is available in the help file:

Help: Outlook PST Searching

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Thank you, that worked.