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When I save default search criteria (I want to start Filelocator Pro with by default), that does not work together with Shell intergartion.
Or how would I do that (change parameters in the Registry where Shell integration is configured?)

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1 Answer

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If you have 'Load last search on startup' (in the Configuration->History settings) the last successful search you made will be loaded with the Shell Integration.

A future release will include the option to specify a Favorite instead of Last Search and to also have Favorites listed in the shell integration, which I think is exactly what you want.

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Dave, the "to be implemented" Favorite option(s) sounds good.
The Last Search is a workaround but as it not only "keeps" the search settings but also the items you searched for this is a rather "unoptimized" solution.
On the other hand, as the various Default fields need to be "fed" to FileLocatorPro before startup anyway, why not simply make these parameters configurable, as they are selectable from drop down boxes anyway.
Thanks and regards Thomas
I can see your point but ideally we'd like a method that re-uses existing Search Criteria management, e.g. Favorites. Otherwise you'll end up with yet another place where criteria can be specified.