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I am trying to install Agent Ransack on my computer running Windows 7 Pr. I have the Agent Ransack .exe file on my desktop. When I attempt to install it the wizard starts and goes through most of the installation steps but always stops saying "Object already exists". I try to open Agent Ransack but it is not listed anywhere. I attempted to uninstall it using Revo Uninstaller and again, it is not found. Please give me some direction.

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Update: User responded that the solution to this problem was to uninstall KB2918614.

Previous response:

This is a Microsoft Installer error message not a Mythicsoft one. I think this is related to a similar issue where MSI can produce an error message "Key not valid for use in specified state."

In either case the solution appears to be deleting (or renaming) the folder:

Here's a slightly different response to a similar issue from Adobe:
Getting Object already exist error when installing adobe reader

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