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I have file 1 with:

line 1
line 2 
line 3

file 2 with:


I only need a output or save a file with:


Can it be done?

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1 Answer

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If you simply search for the text on line 2 it will only find files with that information, eg,

File name:       *.txt
Containing Text: line2
Look in:         C:\My\Files

If you only want to search the second line in each file then FileLocator Pro supports a LINES operator, e.g.

File name:       *.txt
Containing Text: LINE:2 line2
Look in:         C:\My\Files
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I couldn't figure out a way to make this work with a Regular Expression search. LINE operator seems to work fine with Boolean and Whole Word.

I twiddled with Boolean Regex, but couldn't figure how to make it work with LINE operator.

Boolean Regex should work just fine, try something like this:

LINES:0-9 "error[0-9]+"