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I'm am running the latest version of File Locator Pro (Flp_x64_2042) and Windows 8.1 (64-bit). When I start File Locator Pro, the menu toolbar and the context menu from the search results are missing.

I'm using the Microsoft Surface tablet. In my search window, when I right click on a filename using the Microsoft pen (Press+Hold button is equivalent to a right-click), the context menu does not appear. Rather, it acts like a left-click (it edits the filename). Using the mouse on the attachable keyboard, the right-click works fine. So, how do I get Filelocator Pro to see the Press+Hold on the Microsoft pen as a right-click and bring up the context menu when I select a filename?

I tried to uninstall and reinstall with no success. I would very much appreciate any help with this matter. Thank you.

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1 Answer

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The menu tool bar can be re-activated from the View->Toolbar menu option:


If the menu is also hidden you can re-activate that using the keyboard combination Ctrl+Alt+M.

Alternatively there is also the command line options -resetui, e.g.

FileLocatorPro.exe -resetui

which will restore the UI to the default.

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Fantastic. The Ctrl+Alt+M worked great. Thank you very much. I still need help with the second part of my question about context menus. Thank you again for an excellent product.

@Bernie if you use the track pad on the Surface keyboard does the right-click work. FLPro uses the standard Windows messages to detect context menu requests or label edit requests (ie rename). Does Press+Hold work in Explorer?

Yes, Press+Hold works in Explorer (using my finger or MS Pen), but it does not work with FLPro.

Does the right-click on the keyboard track pad work in FLPro?

Yes, the right-click on the keyboard track pad works in FLPro.