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Searches always default to having the Hits tab selected, but I always move straight to the Text tab so that I can see the code and context around each hit. I think this is because by default there are no context lines shown in the Hits results, so rather than opening out the context of each hit, it's just easier for me to go to the Text tab and move down the hits with the ability to see all the code.

Whilst I can see the reason for the defaults, it would be better if the program allowed configuration of these things. Would it be possible to add configuration options for one or both of the following, as program enhancements?

  1. Allow the user to control whether the context lines in the initial Hits results are displayed, rather than always all being collapsed
  2. Allow the user to control the default tab selected when a search is performed.

Please note that suggestion 2 is my preferred solution, and I would imagine that it is easier to implement in the program?

Many thanks,

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2 Answers

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Both items have been added to the Issue Tracker.

Update: Issue 1 has been implemented by making the expansion option 'sticky', ie if you have expanded all lines then that option is remembered until you switch if OFF.

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Thank you Dave, I look forward to their future inclusion.

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Thank you Dave, I look forward to their future inclusion.

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