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We are trying to search a number of large pst files for a specific recipient. This is working well and we now have a list of the relevant emails in a file list ibn the left hand pane.

We are trying to now export these emails so that we have the full contents of each email found with the search criteria in it but all the exports and reports we have found only appear to show the lines containing the search criteria, as opposed to the whole contents of each email.

Is this possible?


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1 Answer

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FileLocator Pro 7.5 (or higher)

FileLocator Pro now exports emails as complete .msg files, including attachments. If your search results find text in an attachment you can export the parent email by using the new Bulk Copy feature and specifying Copy parent MSG file.

Bulk Copy

FileLocator Pro 7.2 (or lower)

You can export the text of a found email by either drag/drop or copy/paste the found email (as a text file) to a folder.

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That's perfect - all we wanted was to get the full email contents out of filelocator pro and into a format we can pass on to other parties.

I think we were trying too hard to find a report or export function to give us the full contents of all the text files found, when actually all we needed to do was drag the list of files to a folder. Thank you

Great. The new Export feature should hopefully make that functionality a little more 'discoverable' when it's released.