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Hello Everyone,

It seems that the default behavior for Agent Ransack is to present search results within their local context, up to but exceeding the prior and following carriage-return/line-end.

Is it possible to personalize this behavior so that search results are always shown within a local context of, say, 3 full sentences? Or within an excerpt of, say, 400 characters?



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Agent Ransack is pretty fixed in what it can show before and after the line. FileLocator Pro has many more options, such as user-defined lines before/after, and also shows the hits in relation to the whole file, for more information:


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Wow! What a marvelous program! I had no idea it even existed!

One last question: I was able to configure each excerpt to include the 4 lines preceding and following the search term. But the in the "Hits" tab, these excerpts are "compressed" by default, and I have to hit the + symbol to manually expand each excerpt. Is there any way to change the default behavior so that all the excerpts are automatically presented in their fully expanded format in the "Hits" tab?

@JayUSA Not at the moment. You can right-click in the Hits tab and click 'Expand All' but you need to do it for each search. It'll be in a later version.

Thanks, Dave! That would be great!