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I download the trial version of file locator pro. I installed it on a 32-bit windows 7 system and it works wonderfully.

I downloaded and installed the trial version of file locator pro on a 64-bit windows 7 system and it becomes unresponsive about two thirds of the way through the search. It keeps getting stuck on different excel spreadsheets files.

I'd really like to get this going on the 64-bit system so that I can go ahead and purchase a license.

Any suggestions on how to get this to stop hanging up?

I forgot to mention that when File locator pro hangs it uses all the memory of the system (4 gb). I went into the configuration section of flp and limited the memory to 2 gb but it still uses all 4 gb and hangs.

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What version of the software are you using?

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Are you able to identify the spreadsheet that is causing the problem? It sounds like a corrupt XLS file. If you switch to using IFilters for XLS and XLSX files (in Configuration-> Extensions Settings) that should be more robust if you have 'bad' files.

To help identify any spreadsheet that may be causing problems set the number of search threads to 1 (in Configuration-> Advanced-> Threads).

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It's a different spreadsheet each time. On the 32-bit system if I run FLP on the same set of files it doesn't have a problem. I'm also able to open the spreadsheets that FLP hangs on, on the 64-bit system. I don't think the problem is with the files. I think the problem is with the way FLP uses memory.

It could be the number of concurrent threads (I imagine your 64-bit system is running with a higher number of CPU cores).

I changed the number of threads being used to 1. It was using all 8 threads before. I still have the memory set to be limited to 2000 mb. I ran the program and it got to a file and the memory being used by FLP climbed to 3.9 GB which pretty much used all the ram and then FLP stopped responding. The file that it got hung up on was only 22 mb. I deleted that file and the problem happened again with a different file. It isn't always an xls file that it hangs on it has also hung up on a txt file. All these files are able to be searched on the 32-bit system. Any more ideas?

It wouldn't hang on a text file. You could test that out with limiting the search to *.txt (if it does then there's something wrong with your installation). Can you restrict the search to a specific folder and see what happens?