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FLPro - This morning, a 53 hour search over almost 1TB of files had finished.

I needed to refine my criteria, search on a selection, etc.

To help in refining I needed to browse a few of the documents that had been returned. One word doc opened, then closed. The close command (click on cross) didn't seem to respond first time, so I gave it another click.

This resulted in me closing FLPro, something I clearly did not want to do.

Is there any way I can have a prompt when I try to close FL Pro?



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In the same vein, I do have a log file of the results.

It would be really useful to be able to import this log.

Same issue : While a search is running, If someone clicks by mistake on the close checkbox (red cross) then the FLP application will quit immediatly without asking if the user really want to quit FLP while a search is running. If the search was running for some hours, then he'll loose all this time Grrr !
And we've got the same problem if the search has ended but the result has not been saved. FLP can be quit without alerting the user that the result has not been saved. Please add a checkbox in the Parameter screen of FLP that can display or not a modal window asking the user if he really wants to quit FLP while search is running of results have not been saved. I think there are many users that are waiting for this.

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You can't request for a confirmation but I will add this to the Issue Tracker. I'm not sure if you're aware of the Session/Workspace feature where you can save the full results and then re-import them at a later date. Both options are on the File menu.

We intend to add an option to automatically save/load search sessions on start/exit.

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