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When I launch AR it opens OK but in order for it to list the files in the folder I must hit enter.
Is there a way for AR to automatically list the contents of folder when launched?

ps also, can the format of the display be saved?

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1 Answer

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No, you can't automatically run AR from the shell extension. If you have a little shell extension know-how you could create your own because the command line '-r' option DOES allow you to launch AR and have it run immediately, e.g.

"C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack\AgentRansack.exe" -d "C:\Windows\System32" -r

More information on creating your own shell menu additions is available here: Creating Shortcut Menu Handlers

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Thanks! it worked, but it leaves the big black command line window open until I close the RA window. Any thoughts? Also it still always opens in the same format - any way to have it save the same format. Kind of surprised if it doesn't - RA is such a useful tool

What do you mean by 'Save the format'. You can Export if that's what you mean?

For example, have the directory sorted by date each time it is opened

It's on the to do list.