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How to change or choose the crash reporting folder to:


This will make more like portable (I don't want to let it write to the user data folder).

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1 Answer

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If you open the file master.xml in a text editor you can change the location of the crash folder. It's BASE64 encoded so you'll need to encode it properly. To change the location from $(ApplicationData)\CrashReports\ to $(InstallFolder)\CrashReports\


<CrashReports t="2">JChBcHBsaWNhdGlvbkRhdGEpXENyYXNoUmVwb3J0c1w=


<CrashReports t="2">JChJbnN0YWxsRm9sZGVyKVxDcmFzaFJlcG9ydHNc
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