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This is such a trivial question, but at the same time, it seems almost impossible to know how to phrase it in such a way as to google it.

I've performed a search on my files for a phrase (let's say FRED). I get a number of hits and click on one of them to see the actual contents of the file where FRED was found. Let's assume the line was 'move FRED to BERT'. Now I want to search within the current file for the string BERT.

Is this doable (and I have seen that I can right-click on the filename and open it with notepad or whatever and do my search there, but I'm wondering if the same search is availabel in FL pro)


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1 Answer

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Yes, FileLocator Pro supports subsequent searches within the text. FileLocator Pro has an extra tab called the Text Tab, which is basically a read-only text editor. The searched for text is highlighted and you can also search for additional phrases in the text, which will be highlighted in a different color:

Text Tab

The two highlighted options shown on the context menu allow you to either Search Again (ie re-run the whole search) for the highlighted word or Find (ie just search in the current text) a highlighted word. Alternately you can just type the text to search for in the Find edit box in the top row.

If you want to view the text in a larger window you can open the Text Tab as a separate top level tab by picking the Open in New Window... menu option.

More information is available in the online help: Internal File Viewer

Search within results

FileLocator Pro also has a search within results feature where you can select certain files from the result list and choose Search within selection to create a new search based on just those files.

Search within selection

Column Filters

Another 'drill-down' feature of FileLocator Pro is the ability to use the column filters feature to filter which files are displayed in the list:

Column Filters

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