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I think ordinarily a CSV would be great for this. However on occasion some of the paths I'm looking at have commas in them, which makes this a no-go.

XML and Access aren't the best of friends. Directly importing standard XML exports doesn't seem to work at all (even though the content looks great). Quite often it seems like XML doesn't export properly either (the file doesn't end properly).

Regular text is going to be hard work to decypher, but possible.

Does anyone else have any ideas or experience on this?

Thanks for any help.


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Which product and version are you using? The latest versions use quoted CSV to allow commas to be correctly included in the column.

I'm using Release Build 2031 - 2014.01.20.53225

Quotes are used for the text (great) but if a comma is included in the file path (e.g. C:\My Stuff\Issues, Problems and Solutions\etc) then it makes a mess.

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