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Agent Ransack does not contain any FTP functionality and so the core program is not trying to connect. The Check For Updates code uses WinINet functionality to connect to www.mythicsoft.com but that should be on port 80. Any other network code will be via Windows APIs for enumerating or reading network drives.

However, since Agent Ransack uses Windows Shell functionality for context menus and other file related functionality it is possible a 3rd party shell extension you have installed is loading inside the Agent Ransack process space and trying to connect to port 21.

You can test this out by installing Agent Ransack on a clean system and then monitoring the network traffic again.

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Thanks! (for refernece the 3d party shell extension that is loading inside AR process space is [almost certainly] ...

WinSCP (5.1.7 build 3446) :)

(the above behavior occurs indeed when i right click on a file in AR and then "Copy").