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When I used Agent Ransack on Windows 7, I was able to double click on a ransack result and it would open in my currently open Visual Studio 2013 window.
However, I have recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and this feature no longer seems to work correctly. Instead, when I double click a file in the results window of Agent Ransack, it opens a new instance of Visual Studio 2013.

I thought that the issue was due to file associations, however that is not it as I have Visual Studio 2013 set to accept every and all file types that it is capable of accepting.

Please advise.

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1 Answer

0 votes

When you double-click on a file Agent Ransack simply runs invokes the shell to execute the verb 'open' on it. So it's something you should be seeing in all Windows shell based programs. Have you checked that you're running VS and Agent Ransack as the same user (and neither with privilege escalations)?

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Boom. Done.

I checked my privilege escalations. I was opening Visual Studio as administrator, but not Agent Ransack. I am now opening Agent Ransack with administrator permissions and my files are opening as I would hope.