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I have PST files that are nested in a ZIP file. Can I search the PST files without first extracting them from the ZIP file?

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1 Answer

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Yes you can. I'll break down the setup into two steps.

1. Searching through the ZIP file.

Make sure you have the ZIP format activated so that FileLocator Pro will read ZIP files as if they are sub folders:

ZIP setting

Next try a very simple search to see if the ZIP file is being read properly:

ZIP Search

2. Search through the zipped PST files

Activate PST searching:

PST Setting

Then again try a very simple search just to check that the PST files are being searched:

PST Searching

Now the PST files are being searched you can use the File name to search the subject of the email and Containing Text to search the contents of the emails, ie

File name:        <subject>
Containing Text:  <email contents>
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