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When I search my C: drive the statistics in Agent Ransack or FileLocator Pro reports are different than that shown by a different tool such as Windows Explorer. Do these products search the whole hard drive?

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1 Answer

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Yes, FileLocator Pro and Agent Ransack will search the whole drive. However, there are a few reasons why our Statistics might not match those from other programs including Explorer.

Why Statistics might show MORE files

  • Statistics counts all items it processes, even items like symbolic links, whereas programs like Explorer only count traditional files and folders.
  • Statistics isn't checking for duplicates so if your search path includes a symbolic link/junction point folder and the ACLs allow the program to follow it's possible that some items may be counted twice.
  • The recycle bin is considered a valid folder and will be searched if it's in the search path.

Why Statistics might show LESS files

  • If the user running the search does not have permission to traverse and list a folder the contents won't be counted.
  • By default neither FileLocator Pro or Agent Ransack will follow a junction point if it's marked as System and Hidden.

Large Searches

Something else to bear in mind for large searches (ie where the number of files being searched is greater than 1 million) is that the statistics aren't final until the search has been completed.

For example, the Checked statistic for smaller searches is final after the first phase completes but on large searches where the search engine can switch itself into single phase mode the Checked statistic is liable to change right up until the whole search completes.

Trouble-shooting discrepancies

It's usually a straight forward process to work out why there are differences in statistics. Simply drill-down any folder where you can see discrepancies and compare the search results.

If you can find a specific file that is shown in Explorer but not in a search please post the example, we've yet to see one that can't be easily explained.

Side note: Another common support request is the reason for differences in file sizes. Hard drive stats shown by Windows will be the 'Space used' size but the Statistics values are the actual 'File size' stats, which will be different based on the disk's sector size.

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