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Normally if I search for a file by name it will be found if the criteria matches any part of the file name, e.g. searching for

File name: new

would find:

New York.doc
Renewal Quote.doc

However, I've just realized that if I search for a file that has a dot/period, ie '.', in its name then the matching must be precise, e.g. searching for

File name: new.york

Does NOT find:


Why is that?

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That's by design. If you include a '.' in the criteria then the program assumes that you know exactly what you're looking for and adds start and end of expression markers, ie




If you want to search for partial matches then add wildcard characters, e.g.


More information

This behaviour is designed to allow more precise searching so that a search for


only returns files like:

New York.doc

and NOT files like:


The user can achieve a wider search simply by adding a wildcard, e.g.

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