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I would like to find pictures having the same dimensions like 2560x1440 or 1920x1280...
(when these dimensions are not mentioned in the filename)

Maybe there is way to search for them using a script?

Has anyone yet written such a script that I could use, because I would not know how to make it myself.

I had a look in the sample scripts with the .js extension hoping there would be something that I could transform with copy/paste, but I didn't get inspired.

Or maybe there is an easier way that I don't think of?

Product: FileLocator Pro
Suggestion: maybe you want to add a field where we can checkmark the product so that we don't forget to mention it

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What do you mean by 'checkmark'?

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If you search images with EXIF data you should see something like this in the Text tab:

Equipment make: Canon
Equipment model: Canon DIGITAL IXUS 75
Date: 2008:02:17 11:23:22
Original date: 2008:02:17 11:23:22
Size: 3072 x 2304
Bits per pixel: 24
Alpha channel: No
ISO Speed: 80
Flash: No
Exposure: 1/80 s
Aperture: F8.0

Therefore you can search on pictures using the Containing Text part of the search, e.g.

File name:         *.jpg;*.png
Containing Text:   "2560 x 1440"
Look In:           C:\My\Pictures

Note the use of the quotes to show that you want the exact phrase "2560 x 1440" and not just the values 2560 and 1440.

Here's an example of a search for "3072 x 2304":

EXIF Search

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Thank you very much, Dave!

That's exactly what I wanted and it works fine! I will save a lot of time with that.

Also I appreciate a lot that you illustrated it with an example and highlighted the fact that it should be between "quotes". Indeed you had foreseen that I would forget them ;o)

Till now I used "containing text" only for letters and notes.
I'm happy with this new "trick"

I wish you and your team all the best for the next year!

with checkmark I meant:
a little square field where you click a V into
or a dropdown field to select the product you are asking a question for on this forum
and only then you can post your question

Glad it was of help.