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Do you have any plans to support Linux ? I am a developer. I and all my colleagues develop on linux (Ubuntu). I desperately miss Agent Ransack since moving from Windows.


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I would pay $50 and give you my first child for a linux version of your product. A command line version would be just fine-- I don't need a GUI. I waste so much time with find | grep. The mlocate package is OK for finding a file if you know the name, but text searches across a linux volume are slow, finicky and almost never give me what I want. I just need the thing to index text files and search them the same intuitive manner that I'm used to with Agent Ransack.

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It's something we've been looking at, along with a Mac version. With the new releases of cross-platform development tools it's looking more likely each year.

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Just wondering how this is progressing. Are you still on track for a 2014 release ?

Still no firm date. We have reports of people successfully running Agent Ransack on WINE, have you tried that?

Hi, yes I've tried with Wine. It loads up successfully, but I find a lot of errors, some intermittent, some not. e.g. If I search on the contents of files, I get "Starting Search encountered an error. Compiling contents expression failed: ERROR: Unexpected error 0x00000000 (0x0) -:102 booleanexpenginefile.h". Not being able to search the contents of files is a big disadvantage. Also, I can't copy/paste a unix style folder into the "Look in" text field. It needs to be expressed as a Windows folder. So I need to use the "browse" button in Agent Ransack every time and navigate to the folder.

Hi. How is the Linux version progressing ?