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I see the answer to making a keyword list and searching for file names, but can I make a keyword list to search inside files like docs, pdfs, xls, etc?


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1 Answer

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Sure, it follows much the same technique.

1. Create a list of keywords

Create a text file and put each keyword on a new line, e.g.

Accounts Department

Note that the Expression type for the containing text field effects how the list will be converted into a search expression. For example, here's how the above keyword list is interpreted for specific expression types:

  • Boolean, Whole word, Boolean Regex

    Legal OR (Accounts AND Department) OR London OR Customer

  • Plain Text

    "Legal" OR "Accounts Department" OR "London" OR "Customer"

  • Regular Expression

    (Legal)|(Accounts Department)|(London)|(Customer)

So, if you just want to search for the keywords exactly as they appear in the keyword list you should choose the expression type Plain Text.

2. Allow File Lists for the Containing Text field

By default File Lists are not enabled for the containing text field. You can activate the functionality in the Configuration -> Advanced -> File Lists Settings.

File List Settings

3. Point to the file in the Containing Text field

Finally you need to point to the keyword list and specify which files you are searching,

Search files

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Thanks, but I dont see this configuration setting in Network version, is it for Pro only?

In the Network version it's always switched on. You load the file list the same way.