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Is it possible to use custom syntax highlighters for the internal file viewer in Filelocator Pro?

I noticed that JavaScript and HTML files display with syntax highlighting, and I program in a language called OpenEdge ABL, also known as Progress 4GL. It would be good to see source code syntax highlighted in a similar way to other, more common languages.

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1 Answer

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Update: ABL (Progress 4GL) syntax highlighting now included in FLPro v7 Build 2024 or higher.

It is but it's not very easy. Since the file viewer is based on Scintialla there's a Progress 'lexer' shipped with FileLocator Pro but we don't supply the keyword lists in the \FileLocator Pro\config\flp_style.xml file.

There's a sample list available here:

If you can send a sample ABL file, along with a screenshot of some ABL highlighting, to support@mythicsoft.com someone can probably help you set this up.

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Thank you, I'll get in touch with them.