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Many applications allow the registered user to install two instances, one on a desktop, and the second on another computer (laptop usually) as long a only one instance is used at any one time. This allows (say) an office worker to also work at home, or on the road.

IS that allowed for File Locator Pro?

Laptop is Windows 7 64-bit. Other computer is a Windows 2008 R2 Virtual Machine on a server that I control at the office.

Examples of some high-powered apps that allow this behaviour are the set of Adobe Creative Suite apps that I just installed.

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Yes, as long as those computers are for your use only you are allowed to install the software on up to three separate machines. This does not apply to shared use machines such as computer servers.

The license agreement says:

A single user licence will license one
copy of the SOFTWARE for USE on one
OSE by a single user. It does not
permit the USE of the SOFTWARE by
anyone other than the named individual

Multi-User Licence. A multi-user
licence will license the specified
acquired number of copies of the
SOFTWARE for USE on one OSE per named
user. A multi-user licence is not a
concurrent licence: each user of the
SOFTWARE must be individually licensed
to USE the SOFTWARE. For situations
where multiple users need to USE the
SOFTWARE on multiple OSEs YOU need to
acquire a license for each OSE or each
user, whichever is greater.

but Mythicsoft provides an exception for people wishing to install the software on machines for their own use, such as home computer, laptop, and desktop. This is offical company policy but if you'd like an email confirming this please contact Support.

More information

Mythicsoft does provide the options of both:

  • Technician License: Unlimited installs for a named user
  • Server License: Unlimited users for a machine

For more information please contact Sales.

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@dave I recently bought FileLocator Pro, and the license agreement that came with it appears to only allow use on one machine, by the user named in the license. It doesn't seem to allow use on 3 machines, as you provided. Any additional info would be much appreciated. Are your posts the official company policy?

@JimYuill I've updated the answer to reflect your comments, I hope that helps?